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Antimicrobial Affinity Chair, by Hille

Antimicrobial Affinity Chair by Hille

A new antibacterial chair manufactured in the UK by Hille in partnership with SteriTouch. Provides 24 hour protection. Available in 6 different heights for use across all levels of education, as well as other sectors including healthcare and hospitality. 

Key Features
  • A cost-effective antibacterial stacking chair manufactured by Hille in the UK in partnership with SteriTouch
  • The SteriTouch, silver ion additive restricts the growth of germs on the surface of the chair
  • A chair left at the end of the school day at 3pm will be free from bacteria at the start of the next school day at 9am
  • Stacks up to 8 high
  • Available in six seat heights for different age groups
  • Opt for a Transporter Trolley for easy set up (moves stacks of 8 chairs)
  • Available with blue shell and black frame
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Additional information
Overall Dimensions (460mm seat height) H776 x D490 x W518mm
Overall Dimensions (430mm seat height) H746 x D490 x W518mm
Overall Dimensions (380mm seat height) H696 x D490 x W518mm
Overall Dimensions (350mm seat height) H575 x D370 x W425mm
Overall Dimensions (310mm seat height) H535 x D370 x W425mm