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Choosing the Right Folding Chairs for Schools

15 May 2014

Folding chairs might not be the most important element of the educational process, but they still play a crucial part in the running of thousands of schools across the UK. As such, it`s important that certain considerations be kept in mind when looking to invest in school folding chairs in order to ensure their suitability: Frequency of Use Will the chairs be used for a few hours each day of the week, or will they be brought out once a year for a special event such as the annual School production or for the end of term exams? The chairs` frequency of use should be factored into the decision when choosing the right kind of school folding chair. Ease of Storage Some chairs are inherently easier to store away in small spaces than others, which can prove hugely invaluable for those working in schools where space is already at a premium. For example, the Classic and Classic Plus folding chairs can be stored in half the space of the Prima, Prima Plus, Comfort & Comfort Plus folding chairs but might not provide the same level of comfort for longer periods of sitting. Design Will the chairs be used to add colour and brightness to an otherwise uninspiring hall, or would it be better for them to blend into and complement their environment? School folding chairs are available in a choice of colours to complement the school`s colours as well as smart and neutral colours such as Charcoal. Exam Desks Folding chairs are commonly used at exam times because of their flexibility, ease and speed of setting up. Lightweight folding chairs such as the Classic and Classic Plus folding chairs are popular for exams for these very reasons. They also sit the student at a comfortable height for use with a folding exam desk. Price And finally, it pays to shop around for the best value school folding chairs. Value doesn`t just mean price, it also means quality and service. Some websites may advertise cheap folding chairs but it`s important to ensure that you`re comparing like with like before being tempted by a lower price. Be careful to check that the chairs have been tested to British Standards for strength and stability and ask them what sort of guarantee they are backed by. Admittedly there`s a fair amount to take into account when buying any such furniture for schools, but take the time to find a reputable supplier and it`s pretty difficult to go wrong.