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Classroom Chairs Why Quality Counts

23 June 2014

Classroom Chairs  Why Quality Counts

Many schools see classroom chairs as semi-disposable products bought only to fill a role for a temporary period and then be confined to the scrap heap. The truth however is that those carefully selecting only the most appropriate and high-quality chairs for schools and classrooms take home long-term investments that work wonders for both the school itself and those using the chairs. Here`s a quick look at some of the reasons why quality counts: Comfort First and foremost, you cannot expect a child of any age to focus and perform to the best of their ability if they`re hideously uncomfortable. Cheap classroom chairs tend to be painfully poorly-designed and are anything but pleasant to sit on for even a few minutes – let alone several hours every single day of the week. Safety Safety should also be factored into the equation when looking to buy chairs for schools – the last thing any teacher needs it to be dealing with accidents and injuries caused by substandard chairs. Durability Younger kids in particular are guaranteed to put their everyday chairs through hell about a million times over – precisely why durability matters. Hand a low-grade chair to a group of hyperactive seven-year-olds and they`ll make mincemeat of it in a matter of minutes! Ease of Maintenance And finally, it`s not as if younger children in particular are going to be very good at keeping their chairs spill and stain free. As such, it`s always a good idea to think about chairs for classrooms that are naturally easy to look after – chairs that can be cleaned with a quick wipe and won`t be damaged by the odd spill here and the occasional knock there.