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Cleaning and Storing Folding Chairs - Make Your Investment Last

25 April 2014

It`s a simple equation – look after your foldable furniture and it will look after you for life. From folding exam desks to all manner of Church chairs and pretty much anything else that follows similar lines, you can either see what you buy as a temporary investment for a low purchase price or a long-term investment that`s built to last. Of course, quality varies a great deal depending on the products you buy and who you buy them from, but in any case it`s important to keep a close eye on their day-to-day upkeep. Cleaning Tips For example, it should come as no surprise to learn that any piece of furniture with moving parts must be kept clean to ensure the longest possible usable life. This means keeping an eye on all moving parts in general to ensure they`re as clean and (where appropriate) lubricated as they need to be. As for the rest of the chair as a whole, a regular dusting or wipe with a damp cloth is the best way of preventing grime from building up and eventually taking over. Get into the habit of lightly cleaning your chairs regularly and you shouldn`t face any real problems. Storage As far as storage is concerned, confine your chairs to an overly warm, damp and generally unpleasant store room and they won`t last long at all. By contrast, keep them in a cool, dry and safe place, away from direct sunlight and they`ll come out as good as they went in. To help maintain their shape, you might also want to consider investing in a hanging chair storage trolley to keep the chairs on, as opposed to piling them on top of each-other on the floor, or leaving them scattered around, lying against the wall, waiting for someone to trip over them.