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Essential Accessories for Folding Chairs and Tables

23 June 2014

Folding chairs and tables are the kinds of products that rarely get a second thought and are yet so integrally crucial to so many industries and institutions. From school exams halls to business meeting rooms to churches and more others than it`s possible to list, chances are every single person across the UK uses or has used foldable furniture. Look after your foldable furniture and it will look after you for life. And if you`re among the more select group that fully appreciates them for the essential assets they are, it`s always worth investing in one or two essential accessories to maximise their versatility. Rubber Feet For example, you can ensure your folding chairs and folding tables aren`t only quiet and stable, but also much friendlier to the floor underneath. It`s inevitable that the feet of foldable furniture will begin to wear and become misshapen over time – a simple set of rubber feet injects a new lease of life. Linking Clips Tired of your nice neat rows of chairs being slid and kicked around into a chaotic mess? There`s a simple solution – affordable and easy to use linking clips. By simply snapping the clips on the side of the chair, attaching a second chair and repeating as required, it`s perfectly simple to create a much more well-defined and generally controlled seating area. Safety Straps Essential for storage and transportation purposes, safety straps have been specially designed to allow foldable chairs and tables to be strapped tightly together. Not only does this ensure the least possible space is taken up, it also reduces the chance of anyone being injured by falling furniture! Storage Trolleys And finally, the ultimate in storage and transport efficiency solutions is the specially made chair storage trolley. Able to accommodate dozens of chairs at the same for safe storage and easy manoeuvrings, it`s a truly essential accessory in any instance where furniture needs to be repeatedly laid out and stored away time after time.