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Exam Desks and Chairs – Making the Right Choice

20 June 2014

Every child fears them and every school needs more than a few of the things – exam desks and classroom chairs play a crucial role in the education process. And while there are of course far more important contributors to the schooling of children of all ages, it`s nonetheless crucial to put at least a little proactive forethought into the sourcing and buying of exam desks and chairs. Here are a few things to consider: Rigidity The last thing you want is to run the risk of damaged, wobbly or wholly broken chairs and tables affecting the performance and comfort of those using them. There`s a time and place for distractions – the exam room isn`t one of them! Simple Storage It`s also worth considering that as the desks and chairs will only be needed from time to time throughout the year, they should be as simple and convenient as possible to store. The very best way forward is of course to buy from a single range that`s been designed to stack horizontally or stand vertically in specially designed trolleys that allow for storage in the smallest possible space. Compactness And still on the subject of space, it`s not as if the average exam hall is blessed with too much of the stuff so it`s never a good idea to select exam desks and chairs that are overly bulky or oversized. Compactness counts when making best use of all available space. And Comfort Last but not least, let`s not of course forget the importance of exam desks and chairs that are actually comfy enough to use for hours at a time without ending up in agony. It`s not as if the average exam hall will ever be fitted with La-Z-Boy reclining armchairs, but at the same time it`s unfair to expect students to perform well if facing all manner of aches and pains. Find out more about our range of folding exam desks and current exam desk bundle offers here.