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There is no denying that poseur tables are a great addition to many high-end eating and drinking establishments. These tall tables are perfectly designed for a casual drinking or dining environment. At Mogo Direct, we have a range of poseur tables available for immediate purchase from our online store, many benefiting from next-day delivery. Why not give your bistro or coffee house a bold new look by investing in these exciting furniture options?

Built for style

Poseur tables differ from their more traditional counterparts in one important aspect – their height. While there is some variation, most poseur tables come to about chest height making them somewhat taller that other table options. This is, of course intentional. Poseur tables are designed for casual conversation, with customers standing around to chat with friends and family. The tabletop is used to hold drinks and snacks, and occasionally for leaning upon.

Built to last

All our poseur tables are built to our usual exacting standards. Most employ a toughened metal frame in a variety of finishes, ensuring they can withstand regular use as something to lean on. The rest of the table is built to a similar standard, with all tabletops being hard-wearing – ideal for a busy bar or bistro.

A question of style

Poseur tables are undoubtedly a stylish choice for any bar or bistro. Even with this category, there are many options to choose from. There are single tables, perfect for anywhere up to four people to stand around. There are also double tables for larger groups. Poseurs tables are also available in a range of shapes, colours, and finishes, making it a simple matter to find one that matches your business’s aesthetic.

Seating solutions

Whilst poseur tables are often used as standalone furniture, they can easily be adapted for the benefit of your clientele. The height of these tables makes them an ideal companion piece for a range of bar stools and chairs. This is a particularly good option for any establishment looking to introduce food or any other table service, whilst remaining compliant with current legal restrictions on party numbers.

All our poseur tables are available to buy today from our online store. Alternatively, feel free to call Mogo Direct on 01442 736 384 for more information. 

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