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Church Notice Boards

Church notice boards are a convenient way to announce forthcoming events to your congregation, whether they’re taking place within the church itself, in the local parish or community centre, or simply of interest to your parishioners. Our range of church notice boards certainly fill the role, with several options available in terms of size, colour, and framing.


We have several whiteboard options available in-store. Among the choices you can make are the size of the whiteboard, your preferred frame, and whether you want a magnetic or non-magnetic board. Of course, you can also choose from an easel- or wall-mounted whiteboard, depending on how permanent a fixture you intend it to be. We also stock the necessary accessories, such as markers, erasers, and cleaning spray.

Display Stands and Room Divider Screens

Our display stands serve a dual purpose, also serving as room divider screens, when necessary. These are useful in the larger church halls and community centres. Not only do they allow you to present important news or information in an eye-catching manner, they also allow the premises to be used by more than one group, increasing the good your church can do for the community. We have several stands and dividers available and are always here to offer advice on the best way to maximise your use of them.

Easy Movement and Storage

All our church notice boards, whiteboards, and room divider screens are easy to lift and move, despite their apparent bulk. This makes storing them a simple matter of moving them to the sides of the room.

High-Quality Materials

Any church notice boards, whiteboards, or room divider screens purchased from Mogo Direct are guaranteed to meet our exceptional standards for quality, ensuring years of effective use from the very beginning.

Our entire collection of church notice boards, whiteboards, and room divider screens are available to buy from our online store. Alternatively, feel free to call Mogo Direct on 01442 736 384 for more information.

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