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At Mogo Direct, we have a wide selection of church reception furniture, suitable for churches, parish centres, church halls, and community centres.

A church should be a warm and welcoming place, equally inviting to parishioners and strangers alike. Reinforce this aspect of your church or community centre by investing in attractive and comfortable church reception furniture that will make any visitor to your church feel instantly at home.

Church reception chairs

Whether you’re designing the entrance to the church itself or an adjacent hall or parish centre, comfortable seating arrangements are necessary. We stock a variety of traditional chairs and stools, as well as the deeper and more comfortable tub chairs. Available in a choice of materials, styles, and colours, there is plenty of opportunity to personalise your reception area.

Church reception sofas

For a more casual and friendly church reception area, you may prefer to use our range of sofas instead. These benefit from extra room, of course, allowing visitors to your church the chance to sit together and chat.

Coffee tables and breakout furniture

Many churches run coffee mornings in their reception areas, or provide refreshments before or after church services. Breakout furniture and coffee tables are ideal for such an environment, offering the same comfort and style as our traditional seating, but providing your parishioners and guests with somewhere to park their cup of tea without risk of a spill.

Hat and coat stands

While it may not be the first thing you think of when furnishing your church reception area, a hat and coat stand is a charming and useful addition to any entrance hall or foyer.

Built to last

However you choose to furnish your church reception area, you will find that all Mogo Direct products are built for the real world. We understand that our tables, chairs, and sofas are going to endure near-constant use, day-after-day and we construct them with that in mind. Sturdily built from quality materials, they are designed to provide you with years of use.

All our church reception furniture and more is available to buy from our online store. Alternatively, feel free to call Mogo Direct on 01442 736 384 for more information.


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