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However, our range of vintage style wooden folding chairs does more than remind us of simpler and cosier times. For all their retro appeal, these chairs are modern marvels of engineering: great to look at and built to last.

Wooden folding chairs, a timeless look

At Mogo Direct, we stock both the Julietta and the Skara ranges of wooden folding chairs, both of which deliver plenty of quiet rural charm to a venue. We have chairs finished in a clear varnish to bring out the colour and grain of the natural wood, or we can provide chairs with a darker finish, giving the solid beech an appearance of distressed oak.

Total support

Wooden folding chairs sometimes look flimsy, but nothing could be further from the truth. Constructed from hardy natural beech wood and incorporating metal support bars for added strength, all of our chairs are built to last. The simple cross-structure of this range of retro chairs is what allows them to hold their own, time and time again.

Easy to accessorise

Part of what makes these wooden folding chairs so popular for weddings, parties, and other hospitality venues is that they make accessorising so simple. Their straight-edged design makes them the perfect platform to add all sorts of individual touches. Whether it's a swatch of bridal colours draped over the back, or helium balloons tied to the crosspiece, these simple alterations can make a big difference, with minimal effort.

Practical for storing

Both the Skara and the Julietta ranges fold out in a single, simple movement that makes filling and arranging the room simplicity itself. Likewise, they snap back to a flat, narrow folding chair that can be easily stacked or stored until you have need of them.

Here for you

We hope this gives you a better understanding of our range of wooden folding chairs and their potential applications. If you have any further queries on these, or on any of our other ranges, do feel free to get in touch. A member of our team will be only too happy to answer any questions that you might have.

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