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The Staple Product for Shared Work Desk Configurations

Desk dividers are a staple office furniture for any shared workspaces in most companies. Whilst free-standing office screens are a better option for large enterprises, a compact size desk divider is the best solution and most affordable option for start-up companies or small to medium sizes enterprises. They are multi-functional, adaptable to any office desk, and compact, saving you plenty of storage space when they are not in use. Its small size and lightweight features are designed for quick set-ups and fast folding. 

Product Versatility and Adaptability

Our workstation privacy screens offer much more than just a screen buffer and a space divider. They ensure businesses across the UK comply with social distancing requirements, so that office workers stay sharp at work and safe in office spaces. Desk dividers and privacy screens can function as a pin-up surface for work notes, deadline reminders, and schedule organisation. Our product selection provides companies with adaptability and flexibility within your company spaces.

Plenty of Size, Design, and Material Selection

Mogo Direct offers multiple selections and price ranges to meet your business requirements and also enhance your current workspace layouts. Buy our product range today to give your office spaces a modern and professional atmosphere. Mogo Direct offers great deals and bundles if you are ordering any of our office desk dividers in large quantities, so make sure to take advantage of this! 

Our staff are reachable by phone on 01442 736 384 or by chat if you need assistance or product recommendations from our friendly team. 
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