Freestanding Office Screens


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Suitable For Any Office Areas and Workplace

Whichever office screen that you pick from our range, they are made of high-grade materials, and they are designed to withstand regular usage in an office environment. Not only are they built to last you for a very long time, they also come with product warranties, allowing our clients to make orders without any worries whatsoever. 

Pick the Right Office Screen for the Right Workspace Activity

There is a host of options within our office screen range to cater to your workplace needs and requirements. Whilst the primary function of a freestanding office screen is to section office space, they also play a vital role to enhance the company’s team performance and work progress. A Perspex office screen provides office workers with their private mini workspace whilst working simultaneously in the same room with other colleagues. This allows staff to reach each other quickly whilst retaining an enclosed space for individual work. Communication between work colleagues whilst maintaining a good workflow is the solution that our products can provide you.

Match Our Products With Your Workplace Aesthetic

Design unity between office furniture and workspace is vital for keeping your company spaces sleek and professional. Visually pleasing office spaces can positively affect the team mood and motivation throughout a heavily scheduled day. Mogo Direct provides most of our freestanding office screen products in a vast range of colour and material options, fabric choices and different sizes so that you can pick the best product to complement your current workplace style. 

Our range of office screens is available from our online store. If you require any assistance or help with your order, contact Mogo Direct on 01442 736 384 for more information.
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