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High Stock Supply When Demands are High

Social distancing requirements in educational settings have increased the demand and supply for high quality and affordable classroom table dividers. Here at Mogo Direct, we can supply you with the sturdy built table dividers at the best price. We have options for self-standing table dividers, giving you freedom and flexibility to adjust your work desk space, or attachable table dividers for a more permanent and sturdy positioning in settings like private study areas and library tables. 

An Extra Helping Hand for Teachers

Classroom table dividers can assure teachers that students will keep their eyes forward when studying or partaking in a classroom test. Not only will it encourage students to focus better, but also promote independent work. For private study areas, using a table divider for each student will minimise surrounding distractions and reduce sensory distractions too. Picking our classroom table dividers will help your students excel in their studies whilst giving teachers an extra helping hand!

Assist Examiners in Test Situations in Classrooms or Exam Halls.

When classroom tests or exam periods occur at school, one teacher and test examiner is not sufficient to observe all students at once, especially during these unprecedented times when social distancing is the new norm for school facilities and libraries. Not only will you need more staff assistance, but also comply with social distancing. Our classroom table dividers are one solution to this problem! With minimum staff to regulate exams, table dividers will get the job done for you and comply well with social distancing. That’s two problems solved in one go!

If you require any assistance or require further information about our products, make sure to call Mogo Direct today at 01442 736 384.
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