Classroom Dividers on Wheels


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Wheels for Easy Set Up

The added wheels on our classroom dividers assure teachers that their class will be ready within minutes. When you are satisfied with the position of your classroom divider, lock the wheels in place so that students will not play around with them and slide them around the class! The lockable functions prevent fall damage or floor scratches in educational facilities when they are in use. In addition to this, wheels enable easy transitioning between classes and storage when cleaning takes place. The foldable panels of our classroom dividers retract the product in a compact size giving you additional space in storage rooms.

Adaptable to Any Educational Space

The limits are endless with the functions and uses of our classroom dividers. With its multifunctional features, it can adapt to any educational settings depending on class activity. Our dividers can quickly section off areas for private study, group work activities, or social distancing. The panels also act as a noticeboard or a clear canvas for pin-up work when class presentations take place. When dividers are in use for social distancing, students can use the panels to jot sticky notes to help them with their studies and revision sessions. Our classroom dividers on wheels range are available in different colours and sizes to further enhance your educational space.

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