Perspex Classroom Screens


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Abiding by Social Distancing Without Feeling Confined

With the Perspex screen panels, students and teachers can stay the recommended distance apart so that classes can operate safely. Perspex screens allow classrooms to maintain an openness to the class surroundings; it is still possible for students and teachers to see each other and communicate well even with a screen divider in between them. Whilst this is something we have to adapt to, it is essential to retain that familiar classroom atmosphere enabling students to focus well during lessons. 

Picking the Right Perspex Screen

Our Perspex classroom screens are available in different sizes, functions, and designs based on your requirements and uses within an educational facility. Freestanding Perspex screens are more suited for classrooms with seated desks, whilst desk dividers are better for large tables for dividing shared spaces whilst maintaining visibility and openness. This is perfect for exam settings or private study areas, giving privacy for students and encouraging individual study without feeling confined or enclosed. 

Easy to Use and Maintain

Our educational screens are lightweight, enabling ease of movement for space reconfiguring and a hassle-free experience for storage when they are not in use. Our classroom dividers are buildable within minutes, and the process of installation is simple, making sure that they’re up and ready before the next class! The Perspex panels won’t take you long to clean and disinfect, making it easy for schools and universities to adhere perfectly to social distancing rules. 

Our selection of Perspex classroom screens and desk dividers are available from our online store. If you require any assistance or help with your order, contact Mogo Direct on 01442 736 384 for more information.
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