Portable Classroom Dividers


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Making good use of school spaces

The moveable feature of our classroom dividers enables you to reposition them with ease and reduce causing too much obstruction during the process. Re-configuring your classroom spaces has never been easier, no need to carry around big objects or lugging around massive panels. It is all hassle-free when the product is lightweight and moveable on wheels. Dividing spaces in school spaces has never been simpler. 

The right panel for the right school activity

Most of our classroom partitions consist of multiple panels, linked together with hinges. The multi foldable function of our dividers gives you flexibility and freedom to create different forms and shapes, to match the space and activities within your classes. Maybe a drama room or acting classes require a more dynamic form of the layout to complement the student activities. Unfold the panels in your desired shape and lock them in position, and you are good to go! 

Limitless variety and panel types

Mogo Direct's selection of portable classroom dividers are available in many colours and sizes to meet your requirements. Freestanding dividers are useful for school notice boards, school presentations, or simply as a barrier to divide classroom spaces. Different choices of materials from product to product are suited to other uses. Fabric made panels, for example, are better for work pin ups and exhibiting works of students, whilst Perspex or plexiglass retains clear visibility and provides an open feel to a classroom when it is in use.

Look no further if you are in search of portable classroom dividers. Our products are easy to use and store, great in quality and affordable! Please browse through our online store to find the right portable dividers before the next class! Make sure to call us on 01442 736 384 if you require any assistance. 
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