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Cafe, Bistro, Coffee Shop & Diner Bench Tables

Table and bench sets are a creative, contemporary and practical solution for any modern restaurant, café, office breakout, canteen or dining area. We're delighted to bring you a whole new range of social AND work space furniture so you can transform those all-important areas where work and leisure often overlap. Create a dynamic, multi-functional and welcoming environment for eating, meeting and greeting by choosing a table and bench combination that works for you. You can opt for fabric seat pads for a splash of colour and a little extra comfort, or stylish poseur tables for a chic coffee-bar look. Welcome to the new way of working.


Many cafes, bistros, coffee houses and tearooms like to offer their guests a more casual dining experience. Instead of high-backed chairs and traditional tables, cafe bench tables are becoming popular. They provide the same comfort and quality as other seating arrangements, but with a more relaxed and casual approach. If that’s the kind of atmosphere you like to engender for your visitors, come check the broad selection available from our online store. Many of these come with next-day delivery as standard, so you can redesign your look immediately.

A range of cafe bench tables

We offer several options in our range of cafe bench tables. There are different styles and shapes, with some being rigidly angular, whilst other take a more curved approach. There are also different colours available to choose from. You can even get cafe bench tables of different heights, with poseur-style high tables available with matching tall bar stools.

Built to last

Whether you favour wood, plastic, or metal in you cafe bench tables, you can find something to suit in our online store. Every item is constructed to the finest possible standards, ensuring a long-lasting seating option for your cafe, coffee shop, or tearoom.

Space-saving seating solutions

These diner style table and bench sets take up less room than the equivalent seating solutions in chairs or stools. This can be useful if space is limited in your establishment, or if you need to provide more distance between groups of diners. What’s more, when you’re closing up for the night, tidying up your seating area couldn’t be simpler. Each bench in these systems is designed to fit snugly underneath the table.

Padded for extra comfort

While these cafe bench table bundles are already comfortable to sit on, you can take things to the next level by including the ever-popular padding option. Available on most of our range of cafe bench tables, it adds a thick, lustrous layer of padded seating, right where your customers will appreciate it the most. The padding itself comes with a few colour and upholstery options, so you can use it as a complement or a contrast.

All our cafe bench tables are available to buy today from our online store. Alternatively, feel free to call Mogo Direct on 01442 736 384 for more information.