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Choose your accessories to go with your folding and/or stacking chairs, tables and benches, whether you are looking to create fixed rows of seating, or replacing chair feet or saddle bungs, or you are thinking of a neat way of storing your tables and chairs.

At Mogo Direct, we have an extensive range of folding and stacking chair accessories to make things easier for our customers. Easily overlooked when stocking up with furniture for your school, office, conference hall, or other venue, these add-ons and extras can often be essential.

Linking clips

If you’re setting out your chairs for a large, formal occasion – be it a conference setting, a school play, an awards ceremony, or something else – you need some way to keep them in order. With people getting up and down throughout the event, it’s easy for chairs to move from their designated positions. This can cause disorder and potential tripping hazards. With the right linking clips for your model of chair, you can keep them in neat rows for the duration of your event. These handy accessories are easy to unclip, making packing away and storing just as easy.

Rubber feet

Many of our chair frames are constructed from high-grade steel and aluminium. These metal frames are incredibly robust and designed to withstand regular use. Being made of metal, the bottom edge of the chair legs can sometimes produce scratches on a wooden or laminate floor, particularly if they are dragged, rather than lifted and placed. Our range of specially designed rubber feet are a convenient solution to this problem, preventing scratches and adding further stability to your chairs.

Moving and storing accessories

All our stacking and folding chairs are designed to be easy to store away, but sometimes you need a bit of extra help. We provide straps to attach your stack of chairs to its trolley, as well as skate sets, specially designed for our Gopak range of benches. These make moving even the tallest stack of furniture as simple as possible.

Seat covers

For more formal or extravagant occasions like weddings, parties, or graduations, you may want to use our attractive seat covers for that added touch of elegance. Available in black or white, and machine washable, these are a simple and cost-effective way to decorate an entire hall of chairs.

All our stacking and folding chair accessories are available to buy today from our online store. Alternatively, feel free to call Mogo Direct on 01442 736 384 for more information.