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Padded Church Chairs

Our range of padded, multi-use church chairs will add style and elegance to any event or gathering. Available in a range of colours and designs featuring upholstered seats for added comfort. Plus, many are stackable for easy storage. Browse our range today.

At Mogo Direct, we have a variety of padded church chairs suitable for any community centre, church hall, or parish social club. These multi-use upholstered chairs come in a range of styles and colours, offering great choice, as well as fantastic value.

A sense of style

There are many styles to choose from among our extensive range of padded church chairs. We have models bearing tall backs and wide backs, some with gaps at the small of the back, others without. Our upholstery and frames come in a variety of colours and designs, meaning that there is always something to appeal, no matter what aesthetic you might be looking for.

Quality materials

No matter which model you favour, you are assured a high-quality padded church chair, constructed to the very highest standards. Wooden and metal frames result in sturdy, reliable chairs – ones designed with years of regular use in mind. Likewise, the upholstery is both well-padded and hard-wearing.

Ample support

The key to our padded church chairs is comfort. Whether used as additional seating for the church itself, for parish meetings, community plays, or any other event, you want attendees to be comfortable throughout their experience. All our chairs provide this through a combination of seat and back support. While all chairs benefit from sumptuous upholstery to the seat, you have a choice in back support as some of our more popular models utilise mesh, rather than padded, to provide the same luxury and comfort.

Multi-use upholstered chairs

Our padded church chairs are not only comfortable, but also functional. All our models are lightweight, while many can be stacked. Either way, clearing a room and storing away could not be simpler. Likewise, arranging the chairs in a parish centre or community hall is made even more straightforward with some of our models, benefitting, as they do, from links on their legs. This makes it simple to create rows of chairs for a more formal occasion, such as a presentation or play.

 All our padded church chairs are available to buy immediately from our online store. Alternatively, feel free to call Mogo Direct on 01442 736 384 for more information.