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All Folding Chairs

Folding chairs are a pretty indispensable piece of equipment. When you’re not using them, you can fold them to save space and put them away either freestanding or on specially designed trolley so they almost disappear. But then you can just take them out again and – voila! – everyone at your event, party, dinner, meeting, assembly, production (the list is literally endless!) has somewhere to sit. Browse our range today.

Ever since Mogo Direct started trading, one of the most popular categories of furniture that we sell has been folding chairs. That holds true even today, as it is easy to see why. Whether you work in an office environment, the hospitality sector, for an educational establishment, or anywhere else that requires reliable seating provided in significant numbers, folding chairs are the perfect solution.

A simple seating solution

You do not need us to explain to you how easy it is to use folding chairs. Everybody knows that they are popped open with a single motion, and folded up again just as easily. However, while that is nothing spectacular when thought about in terms of a single chair for a single person, this ease-of-use comes into its own when applied to multiple seating arrangements. Laying out seats for a school assembly, or a wedding breakfast, or a corporate conference, for instance – with folding chairs this can be done in a matter of minutes.

High-quality materials and construction

Of course, a fast and efficient seating solution does not mean that you must skimp in terms of quality and comfort. Every chair from Mogo Direct’s extensive range is constructed to the highest possible standards from the very best materials. Whether you prefer wooden or metal frames, plain plastic or padded backs and seats, or your chairs upholstered in vinyl or fabric, we have the ideal model for you in our online store. All chairs are built to meet our exacting standards, with a robust construction to withstand regular, day-to-day use for a long time.

Get a bundle, get a bargain

It is unusual to buy folding chairs as a single unit, so we have put together several high-volume bundles to help you build up your inventory whilst also saving money. These bundles contain anywhere from 28 to 168 chairs from a select range of models. Aside from a significant saving per unit, each bundle comes with a storage trolley, designed to hold the entire bundle, once folded down. This makes storing your chairs easier than ever.

For more information or advice on our extensive range of folding chairs, feel free to give the team at Mogo Direct a call today.