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School Chairs, Tables & Furniture

We have an extensive range of furniture suited to meet the needs of educational institutions like schools, nurseries, colleges, universities and training centres. From school chairs and desks to filing cabinets and bookcases, we can equip you with everything you need as a one-stop education shop!

Studies have shown that children in an educational environment learn better when provided with the best tools for the task at hand. This doesn’t just apply to textbooks, teaching materials, and equipment, but right down to the furniture employed in the classroom. School chairs and tables can have an important impact on pupils and students of all ages and levels, with a direct correlation being drawn between a child’s posture and their attitude towards learning.

Here at Mogo Direct, we have a comprehensive range of furniture specially designed for use in any number of educational establishments, be it a Foundation Years group, a secondary school, a university or a community college. Our high standards ensure that your students get nothing but the best in educational tables and chairs, providing a sound support to their learning journeys.

School chairs and tables

The cornerstone of any classroom is the children’s seating arrangements. Our extensive collection of chairs and tables run the entire gamut from nursery education to sixth formers and beyond, with a range of sizes and combinations available. These include activity tables, modular furniture, lab tables for science classes, and examination desks.

Canteen furniture

A good meal is essential to the learning process, providing children with the energy they need to make it through the school day, and quality canteen tables, chairs and benches form a part of that experience too. Our tables are available as fixed leg models, or as folding tables for easy storage if the canteen area is used for other purposes throughout the school day.

Storage solutions

With growing class sizes, storage space in the classroom is at a premium. We have a range of storage options available to our educational customers, including a variety of drawers, cupboards, trays, and bookshelves. We also provide robust and attractive lockers for both students and staff.

Staff room furniture

Speaking of staff, you haven’t been forgotten. We have tables and chairs designed with you in mind, as well as comfortably upholstered chairs and sofas that will make your staff room a haven from the hustle and bustle of school life.

Here to help you

A modern school has so many demands on its attention and its budget it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start. For advice and guidance on your furniture requirements, contact Mogo Direct today.