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Classroom Chairs

School Chairs

A selection of classroom chairs for schools, each specifically designed for use in the classroom through their ergonomic design to help improve children's comfort and ultimately their attention for longer. Safety is also a key element in the design of these chairs. The school chairs in our range are tamper-proof and also make it difficult for children to rock and tilt on the back legs of the chairs. Available in a range of sizes for different age groups and a choice of bright and vibrant colours, these classroom chairs are also great for school halls and canteen areas.

As a teacher, you want to know that the children in your class are paying attention to the subject you’re teaching them. While much of that is down to delivery and application and so on, there are external factors that need to be included in the equation. Things like the classroom chairs and how they affect a child’s sitting position. Is a child fidgeting because of an uncomfortable chair? Are they falling asleep because of one that is too comfortable? Are they likely to spend more time rocking back and forth on their chair than sitting down in it and paying attention?

At Mogo Direct, we have a wide range of classroom chairs suitable for all learning environments. Like all our products they are designed to be hard-wearing and resilient, even when facing the onslaught of a class of schoolchildren, day in, day out. 

Like the rest of our catalogue, our school chairs come with fast delivery across the UK mainland.

Moulded plastic chairs

These models are particularly popular with Foundation Years classes and lower primary schools. Moulded from a single piece of plastic, they are lightweight so they can be moved by small kids, but are also lacking any joints and connections in which a child might trap a finger. A selection of bright colours makes them the perfect addition to a younger school room.

Stackable classroom chairs

We have a number of stackable chair models available to schools. All are constructed from quality materials, with solid metal legs designed to provide strong support to any child using them. Being stackable means that a space can easily be cleared in most rooms if the teacher decides to do something a bit different with the class for a certain lesson.

Cantilever chairs

These offer ergonomic support for their users and encourage good postural practices when sitting. Their inverted leg designs make them almost impossible to tip backwards in normal use, while still allowing them to be stacked effectively if not currently required.

Here to help you

These are just a few of the school chairs that we have in our extensive range. For more information on these, or to discuss alternative seating solutions, speak to a member of the Mogo Direct team today.