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Folding Exam Desks

At Mogo Direct, we have a selection of folding exam desk options available from our online store – the perfect solution for all your examination needs.

Designed for comfort, built to last

Examinations are a stressful time for any student. While our desks and tables can’t do anything to alleviate that, they can at least make the time spent in the examination hall as pleasant as possible. These desks have been designed for maximum student comfort whilst writing, and come in pleasing, neutral colours to maximise mental well-being. They are built from quality materials and constructed to last the distance, even during the most hectic exam periods.

Easy to set up, simple to take down

Setting up an exam room can be an exhausting process, but it needn’t be. All our examination desks are folding models that can be set up in a single movement and taken down just as easily.

Simple to store

We understand that this sort of desk only gets used at certain times of the year. For the rest of the school calendar, they are often held in storage until they are needed. This being the case, make the most of our desk storage trolleys. Specifically designed to hold these examination desks in their flattened form, they make storing an entire exam hall worth of tables and desks a simple matter. Even with the weight of 20+ desks, they are easy to move thanks to their precision-engineered wheels.

Bundles and bargains

With school budgets getting tighter every year, it is always advisable to look for a cost-effective furniture solution. Here at Mogo Direct, we have done the hard work for you, arranging our exam furniture into conveniently-sized bundles of 25 or 40, each one presenting a significant saving on the cost of each model per unit. What is more, these desk bundles come with their own trolleys for ease of movement and storage.
All our folding exam tables are available to buy today from our online store. Alternatively, feel free to call Mogo Direct on 01442 736 384 for more information.