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Folding Table Trolleys

For Folding Furniture

Mogo folding table trolleys are specially designed for storing your Mogo folding tables. These trolleys provide a great way of moving your folding tables, and an even better way of storing them when they're not being used. Make better use of your space and choose from a number of table storage options to suit the type of table and the number of tables you have.

As anybody working in the hospitality industry will already be aware, one of the key elements to getting a room ready in time for your clients and their guests is the speed in which tables can be set up or taken down. Here at Mogo Direct, we have been supplying essential furniture solutions to our hospitality customers for many years and are always looking for ways to improve things for them.

One of our most popular solutions is our range of folding table trolleys. Not only do they act as the perfect storage devices for your entire inventory of Mogo Direct tables, but they also offer multiple benefits for your team while they are setting up for an event, or tidying up after one.

High quality folding table trolleys

Like all Mogo Direct products, our folding table trolleys are designed with our customers in mind. Their metal frames are both strong and lightweight, ensuring years of effective use, time and time again. The wheels roll easily, even under the collective weight of a full load of tables, which makes moving an entire room’s worth of our quality folding furniture a simple matter for you and your staff.

Suitable for any table

No matter which type of Mogo Direct table your company currently uses, we have a fantastic trolley perfectly designed to accommodate it. From round folding tables to rectangular ones, and taking in all the varying sizes we have in our collection. If you are unsure, for any reason, which trolley is best suited to your inventory of tables, just give us a call, and one of our team will be happy to advise you.

The perfect storage solution

For any hospitality venue or corporate event, space is at a premium, especially if your premises have no dedicated storage area for your folding furniture. In instances like this, your tables tend to be dragged to the side of the room which, whilst certainly giving your delegates more space, is hardly the ideal solution. Each of our folding table trolleys can carry as many as 20 of our tables – depending, of course, on the specific model of table that you are looking to put away.

For more information regarding our range of folding table trolleys, call Mogo Direct today.