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Break Room & Break Out Area Furniture

Create a modern office break room with our stylish range of break out furniture. From soft seating to comfy leather sofas, you'll find it at Mogo Direct.

If Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining taught us nothing else, it’s that all work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Wise words, and ones that most modern businesses have taken on board. Break out areas, where staff can take the time to enjoy a few minutes away from their desks, are an extremely popular addition to a growing number of workplaces. Of course, getting the right break out tables and chairs is a must. No matter how pleasant the surrounding area might be, without adequate break out furniture, it’s missing out on its potential.

At Mogo Direct we are firm believers that happy employees are also productive employees, which is why our distinctive range of modern break room furniture is such an essential purchase for any office environment.


Any breakout area needs chairs: somewhere to take the weight off your feet for a few minutes while you read the paper or pass the time of day with colleagues. We have a wide variety of chairs designed with comfort foremost in mind, and available upholstered in either bright and colourful fabrics or deep and sumptuous leather.


For an even more laid-back breakout area, why not consider investing in our range of sofas? More conducive to a friendly atmosphere among staff, they are available in leather or fabric, just like our chairs, which also share their simplicity of design and robustness of build.

Coffee tables

It wouldn’t be much of a breakout area without somewhere to put down your beverage of choice. Our selection of coffee tables are lightweight and maneuverable and are the perfect complement to our range of seating solutions. 

Meeting pods

Some people like to use the breakout areas for small meetings like 1-on-1 appraisals and other things that can’t justify booking out an entire meeting room. Our high-backed, wrap around meeting pods offer comfort and privacy whilst maintaining the cheerful and casual aesthetic of the rest of our breakout tables and chairs. Designed much like a restaurant booth they allow for discreet and informal meetings to be held in the pleasant surroundings of the breakout area.

Here to help you

Furnishing a breakout area for your staff can be as rewarding for you as it is for them. For advice and guidance on the sorts of furniture you should employ there, get in touch with Mogo Direct today.