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Meeting Pods

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Meeting pods are a great innovation for the modern office. Designed to be used for informal meetings with small groups of people, they lack the serious corporate atmosphere of the traditional meeting room.

Our meeting pods are constructed with an aesthetic similar to a restaurant booth: they have a central table area flanked by a pair of well-padded and comfortably upholstered seating areas, with supportive back and side panels that wrap around the seats leaving a gap for entering. Lovingly covered in attractive fabrics, they would not look out of place in a breakout area, enhancing the informal air that they already possess.

Like all Mogo Direct furniture, these pods are available to order online with free delivery to the UK mainland, and an opportunity to try before you buy if you’re not sure whether they are right for you. We have no problem in offering this service, as we are confident that these models will be everything you hope for and more.

Small and well proportioned

Using a meeting pod rather than booking out an entire boardroom proves highly cost-effective and frees up valuable office resources for the rest of your colleagues. More importantly, it is less imposing than a traditional meeting room, making it ideal for 1-to-1 appraisals and other personal sessions which might be less successful in a larger meeting space.

More than just meetings

Whilst created with personal meetings in mind, these pods can be used for other things too. Some offices utilise them as private break areas for staff who need a little time on their own (perhaps following an emotional call with a client). Others have taken the ‘restaurant booth’ design to heart and installed rows of them in their work's canteen, and why not?

Here to help you

However you plan to use your meeting pod, this versatile piece of furniture is sure to be up to the task. If you have any further questions about them, or what they can be used for, get in touch with Mogo Direct today.