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All Folding Chairs

Meetings are an inevitable part of office life. Indeed, recent surveys indicate that two-thirds of British office workers attend a meeting every day. Here at Mogo Direct, we are conscious of the demands such meetings place on office staff, particularly when it comes to finding suitable seating arrangements.

Fortunately, as ever, we have come up with a solution.

Easy to use

Our extensive range of folding chairs is designed with simplicity in mind. Whichever model you choose for your workplace, they can be opened and closed with a single motion. This means that a member of staff can set up for even a last-minute meeting quickly and efficiently. If the meeting is intended to be on a larger scale – a company-wide announcement, or a press conference, for instance – filling an entire conference hall can be managed in minutes. What is more, many of our models come with links that join the individual chairs into rows for just such an occasion.

High quality seating solutions

As well as being easy to use, our folding chairs are built to last. Whether you choose a metal or a plastic chair (or a combination of both) with a padded or unpadded seat and backrest, you can be sure that the materials we employ in their construction are of the very highest quality. This helps us ensure a long-lasting and hard-wearing product, suitable for the everyday rigours of office life.

Easy storage

If you are utilising these chairs for meetings, you may not need them to be set up on a permanent basis. This is especially true if your meeting room or board room serves double duty as a breakout area or training room. Luckily, all our chairs fold down for easy storage. You can make matters even better by taking advantage of one of our chair trolleys, designed to accommodate dozens of our folding chairs, whichever unit you favour.

Better in bulk

All our chairs represent tremendous value for money, but you can get even more for your investment by purchasing one of our flexi bundles. These provide you with all the seating you could need, as well as the trolleys on which to store them and, better yet, you can save over £100 proud on the individual costs of the chairs in question.

For more information about our office folding chairs, give Mogo Direct a call today.