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Wooden Folding Chairs

Classic. Timeless. Resilient. Wooden Folding Chairs are a favourite with weddings and events of all kinds, but their natural good looks and strength work just as well in the home, community centre or church hall.

Traditionally a common site at school assemblies, parish centres, and church halls, wooden folding chairs are proving popular in modern workplace and office settings, and it is not difficult to understand why. Most commonly used in short-stay areas like waiting rooms and reception areas, they are a versatile and effective seating solution for all manner of customer-focused enterprises.

A whole new aesthetic

For years, the standard logic behind customer seating has focussed on hard, uniform plastic seats, or plush, upholstered sofas for extra comfort. As experts in office furnishing, we are the first to admit that there is nothing wrong with either approach. However, wooden folding chairs have some unique advantages all their own. The first occurs when your short-term visitors first enter the room or building. Wooden folding chairs are nostalgic for many of us, yet stand out in a corporate setting. This unexpected choice of decor leaves a lasting first impression on guests, even if they are not aware of it.

Built to last

Our folding wooden chairs are made from high-quality beech wood. This durable and resilient material gives our chairs a natural core strength, one that we add to with the connecting metal pins and support bars that increase rigidity and offer further support. Attractively varnished to protect the chairs’ surfaces, these first-rate pieces of furniture can easily handle the day to day by customers, no matter how busy your business is.

A range of finishes

We currently have two models of wooden folding chairs – Skara and Julietta. Of these, the former has a brighter finish, whilst the Julietta benefits from a more rustic, sombre colour. Both models share the same strength and robustness, so whether you want a chair that complements your existing colour scheme or one that contrasts with it, we have a model for you.

Easy to store

Wherever you choose to use your wooden folding chairs, they can be set up and folded down at a moment’s notice, making it easy for you to maximise your seating across the office as the situation demands. Their lightweight but sturdy build allows both models to be easily stacked in a storage room.

For more information regarding our range of wooden folding chairs, call Mogo Direct today.