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Conference Chairs

Tablet Chairs

A growing selection of conference and meeting room chairs with conveniently positioned writing tables that make them ideal for training sessions, flexible conferencing and group seminars. From fixed, fold-away and fully detachable tablets to wooden, plastic, semi and fully-upholstered chairs, we have a tablet chair for every impromptu note-taking situation imaginable.

Whatever business sector your company operates in, communication is the key to success. While much of today’s corporate communication takes place over email or video conferencing, most companies still believe in sharing ideas and cascading information face-to-face – hence the perennial popularity of staff meetings and business conferences.

Whether your meetings involve a handful of staff, the entire building, or corporate representatives for all of the country (or, indeed, the world), it is important that delegates have the opportunity and the facility to take such notes as they need to during the conference. Traditionally, this was made possible by seating everyone around a big table, but suppose your group of attendees is too big to facilitate that?

Conference chairs with built-in writing tablets are the solution.

Save space

With our range of tablet chairs, you can do away with the old-fashioned conference table. These models allow you to fit more people into a room and, more importantly, to have less formal conversations with your staff and business partners, with the table no longer acting as a physical barrier between you.

Your choice of colours and textures

We have an extensive range of tablet chairs on offer. From plastic and wooden chairs that encourage their users to sit up and pay attention, to sumptuously upholstered models that offer a more comfortable, relaxed experience.

Not just for conferences

Of course, tablet chairs have their place outside of the conference room. Indeed, many of our commercial customers tell us that their very versatility is one of the major selling points for these kinds of chairs. Schools, colleges, and other educational establishments make bulk orders of these chairs, as they fulfil all the design requirements of an all-in-one examination desk. Similarly, we have heard from a number of clients how useful tablet chairs are in interview situations, particularly if the applicant is required to completed an aptitude test, or other written exercise.

Here to help you

However you intend to use your tablet chairs in your company, with such a wide range of models and designs, we are confident that you will find one to suit your particular needs here at Mogo Direct. If you have any further questions on how these chairs might best be utilised, or which particular model makes for the soundest investment, please feel free to contact us today, and a member of staff will help to guide you through your decision.