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Conference Tables

Our conference tables come in a wide range of sizes and styles to help you suit your taste, space and budget. Perhaps it’s time for a meeting about getting some new furniture?

Hosting a conference can be a large undertaking for any venue, whether it takes place in an office environment or a external venue. Whether you are part of the hospitality sector looking to attract corporate events to your venue, or from the commercial sector and hoping to improve business links by hosting an event at your place of work, it will take more than just effort and commitment to run a successful conference… you’re going to need the right kind of conference tables too.

At Mogo Direct we carry a fine range of conference tables suitable for any setting, from the most traditional office meeting room to the most casual corporate retreat. Take a look at our extensive catalogue and we’re sure you’ll find the conference room furniture best suited to the image you wish to convey.

Folding conference tables

Simple to put up, simple to take down, folding tables make the ideal furniture for any conference. Well-constructed and suitably sturdy, they can be folded down for easy storage in a matter of seconds. Our range of folding conference tables come in a variety of shapes and sizes, meaning you can mix and match depending on the number of delegates or the purpose of the event. With any spare tables safely folded and stowed away out of sight, valuable space is freed up for presentations, ice-breaker exercises, and the like.

Modular conference tables

There is no such thing as a standard conference. With today’s corporate environment encouraging innovative ideas and outside-the-box thinking, even something as seemingly straight forward as the layout of tables can change from one conference to the next. Future proof your conference venue by investing in one of several modular table ranges available online. These tables are designed to work as standalone pieces of furniture, or connected to form whatever shape suits the conference best. Whether that be a large circle so everyone can see everyone else, or an inverted-horseshoe to focus delegates’ attention on a guest speaker, all manner of configurations are possible.

Here to help you

With so many conference tables to choose from, picking the right ones for your venue can be difficult. For help and advice in making the right selection, get in touch with Mogo Direct today and let us help you make the most of your conference space.