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Home Office Computer Chairs with Adjustable Arms

Our home office computer chairs with adjustable arms are perfect for providing comfort & support while working from home. Available in a range of styles and colours.

There are several important considerations one has to make when choosing the perfect chair for your home office. Among them, is the decision to include fixed arm rests or adjustable arm rests. It might seem an odd concern, when both seem to perform a similar function, but we know that there are customers out there with preferences for both options. No matter which sort of arm rests you favour, the team at Mogo Direct has you covered.

Adjustable arm chair solutions

If you prefer a computer chair with adjustable arms, you’ll be pleased to know we have a broad selection in our online store. There is a significant choice of colours, designs, and materials, so finding the ideal model to match your home office shouldn’t be a problem.

Ergonomically-designed for maximum comfort

Every computer chair with adjustable arms in our online store is designed to provide optimal support our customers, delivering a comfortable seating experience for their home office. All our models promote good sitting habits and improve the user’s posture by supporting their upper and lower back, as well as their neck and shoulders. Our adjustable arm computer chairs provide that same comprehensive support, with some additional help from their arm rests.

A range of materials

Each computer chair with adjustable arms that we have in stock is constructed from high-grade materials. You can choose from upholstered fabric chairs with plenty of padding, mesh-backed chairs with a wide back-board offering greater support for the upper back, or even one of our high-end leather office chairs. These models look fantastic in any home office, adding a real sense of class.

The benefits of adjustable arm rests

Adjustable arm rests serve a similar purpose to fixed arm rests, helping to disperse the weight of your upper body away from your neck, shoulders, and lower back. Adjustable models offer even more health benefits. By raising them to keep your hands level with the keyboard and desk surface, you can reduce the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive strain injury.

Every computer chair with adjustable arms in our range is available to buy today from our online store. Alternatively, feel free to call Mogo Direct on 01442 736 384 for more information.