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All Home Office Desks

Discover our comprehensive range of home office desks. There’s something in our collection to suit any space, whether you’re after a large desk with lots of storage space, or something more modern and minimalist. You’ll even find clever foldaway desks that can be folded and stored away when your day's work is done.  

At Mogo Direct, we are aware of how important it is to have the correct home office desk setup. No home office can function without the right desk design, size, and material, so we have made our office desk selection guide so that you can pick the best product for your needs. Additionally, most of our desks will have multiple colour options and plenty of finishes, so you’ll have no problem alternating between contemporary, traditional, or a mix and match design scheme.
Your current home office layout will have a significant influence on which desks are suitable. For instance, when room space is premium, you could opt for a foldable desk. On the other hand, if you have plenty of space, you could opt for a larger desk such at the Chicago or Detroit with 2 sets of drawers and a larger desk surface suitable for multiple monitors, storage trays, and paperwork.

Depending on your specific requirements or the design of your home, you can choose between plastic and wooden home office desks. Wooden desks provide a more traditional aesthetic, while plastic desks offer a more robust, easy to clean option that is suitable for use by the whole family.
Space-friendly desk options:
If your home office setup is compact and short of storage components, then it’s worth considering our desks with built-in drawers and cupboards. We have a wide range of desks ranging from small with one set of drawers to large desks with two sets of drawers, suitable for any home space. 
Alternatively, a corner desk is a worthy investment if you have an awkward room shape. Its space-saving design means it can either be pushed into a corner or combined with other straight or corner desks for a modular setup.

If you’re tired of staring at the same walls and want a change of scenery, our folding home office desks allow you to position your desk in different locations as required. Consisting of a rectangular-shaped surface up to 6 feet wide, their portable qualities make them ideal for use in bedrooms, gardens, living rooms, and multipurpose working spaces. When you've finished working, you can easily fold the table and store it away.
Mobile pedestals:
If you already own a home office desk but want to expand on the storage space, you could purchase one of our mobile pedestals. All you need is to push the mobile pedestal underneath or to the side of your desk, and you’re good to go. Available with either two or three drawers, the pedestal units can be locked, keeping your documents safe and secure while not in use. 
Sit-stand desk:
If you’re generally active and prefer to alternate between a seated and standing position, then the sit/stand desk is the perfect home office desk for you. This height-shifting desk will encourage a more proactive and healthier work from home routine, and it’s suitable for specific hobbies such as design, crafting, drawing and much more. Standing desk positioning improves circulation throughout your body, reduces the risk of lower back pain, and most importantly, breaks the monotony of sedentary work habits.