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Home Office Desk Chairs

Swivel Chairs

Browse our range of stylish and supportive home office swivel chairs including fabric, mesh, and leather chairs, as well as chairs with fixed and adjustable arms for a touch of extra comfort.

Home Office Desk Chairs
Your home office desk chair is the centre of your working environment, as this is where you’ll be sitting during your typical 9 to 5 working schedule. When working from home, it’s essential to own a comfortable office chair that supports your body and is suitable for your working space. 
Here at Mogo Direct, we stock a range of shapes, sizes, colours, designs, and materials that can adapt well to the current layout and colour scheme of your home office. Added features found in many of our office desk chairs include movable armrests, ergonomic designs, gas lift, swivel, and wheel locking mechanisms. While it’s crucial to pick the correct desk, choosing the right office chair is the key to making it through a long workday.
Factors to consider before buying your home office desk chair:
  • Consider how many hours per day you will use your chair for
  • Price range and budget
  • Chair material that you desire (durable/easy maintenance/aesthetic)
  • Additional features and requirements to cater to your body (support/ergonomics)
At Mogo Direct, we select materials ranging from leather, fabric, poly, and mesh to meet your needs. Here are our pros for each material selection and product guide to help you make the right decision.
Mesh Home Office Chair: Mesh chairs may look uncomfortable at first glance, but compared to a traditional foam padded chair, mesh back supports retain their shape better over time, and there is less risk for tear and wear damage. The materials used for mesh chairs also provide better ventilation keeping you cool, dry, and comfortable.

  • Excellent value with options available under £100
  • Available in multiple colours
  • Designed for all-day use (5-8 Hours) 
  • Built-in arm support
  • Breathable mesh back for a cool and sweat-free back during the summer
Fabric Home Office Chair: If you need a new office chair but are overwhelmed by all the other material options, your best bet is to stick to the most common choice - and that is the popular fabric office chair. It is the most practical seating solution and the cheapest option available for home and office use. A minimal and straightforward product is best, which is why you’ll find these in many office settings.
  • Flexible armrest feature: no arms, fixed arms, or adjustable arm height
  • Durable and hard-wearing, making them ideal for long-term usage
  • Cheapest price range out of all materials, making it easy to replace or buy a spare
  • Fabric chairs offer extra padding to provide a softer feel
Leather Home Office Chair: Leather office chairs exude comfort, elegance, and a professional look. Mogo Direct’s well-made leather chairs are capable of supporting you during your long hours at the desk. The added padding of the chair provides support and posture correction to your lower back, neck and upper back, and with the optional armrest support, you’ll prevent wrist and arm strain. Opting for a leather office chair is an excellent investment for any home office with its long product lifespan and easy maintenance.
  • Faux leather chairs are a great alternative when you’re tight on budget
  • Exudes a professional executive look to complement your modern home office design
  • Fixed and adjustable armrests to prevent elbow and wrist pain
  • Leather chairs are easy to clean and maintain
Poly Home Office Chair: Poly chairs are commonly used for households and offices due to their vast design and style selections. They are also environmentally friendly since most plastic furniture is made from recycled plastic and poly office chairs contribute minimal carbon footprint. Additionally, our poly office chairs are practically maintenance-free, and with their high resistance to water and sunlight, users have the flexibility to use the office chair in an indoor and outdoor setting.
  • Sleek and contemporary polished chrome frame
  • Plastic chairs are easier to maintain. They can be cleaned with soap and water
Despite our affordable and low price tags, all of our home office chairs are designed and built to last you for many years. You can trust our products at Mogo Direct, and we guarantee that your home office chairs will continue to look good and provide comfort when you’re working from home. For more information on our product range, call us on 01442 736 384 or order online today for fast UK delivery.