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Flexi Bundles

It couldn't be easier with our ready-made, ready-to-go flexible furniture packages! Plus they save compared to ordering individual items. Order online today.

When you work in the catering or hospitality industry – or, indeed, anywhere that requires quality furniture for people to sit at whilst eating – you understand the importance and the value of first-rate banqueting tables. From canteens and restaurants to cafes and tea rooms, all manner of businesses require a reliable supply of the highest quality banqueting tables to satisfy their clients.

If you are looking to start a business from scratch, expand your current company, or simply replace your current inventory of banqueting tables with something more reliable, then you have come to the right place.

At Mogo Direct we have been providing exceptional banqueting tables to companies the length and breadth of the country for many years, and are always thinking of ways to offer our clients the very best in terms of value for money.

This is where our banqueting table flexi bundles really come into their own.

Impeccable quality

Our range of banqueting tables and chairs are constructed to meet the highest possible standards – like all our furniture. We use only the most robust materials, ensuring that every item is guaranteed to meet the specific needs of our customers. From the framework of our chairs to the supporting legs of our banqueting tables, from the padding to the backrests – we refuse to skimp on quality, meaning that you do not have to either.

Multiple flexi bundle options

No two customers have the same requirements when it comes to banqueting tables. Some just need a couple to fit out a beer garden, others need several dozen to accommodate a dining hall in a large business. Wherever you fall on this scale, you can find a banqueting table flexi bundle that matches your specific needs.

Exceptional value for money

Of course, the main advantage of our banqueting table flexi bundles is that you are buying in bulk, and making a significant saving on the per unit cost of both the tables and the chairs in each bundle. The bigger the bundle, the larger the saving, whilst maintaining the same impeccable quality.

For more information regarding our range of folding tables and chairs flexi bundles, call Mogo Direct today.