Best Sellers School Furniture Classroom Chairs

EN One Stacking Chair
from £25.80 (Inc Vat)
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EN One Stacking Chair - royal blue
With its child-friendly, ergonomic design the EN One Chair provides all day comfort and flexibility. The waterfall seat helps improve circulation, while the angled rear legs discourage tilting.  An ideal chair for any classroom, breakout area, dining hall, sports hall, cafe,...
from £25.80
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Postura Plus School Classroom Chair
from £26.93 (Inc Vat)
  • + 16
Postura Plus School Classroom Chair - poppy red
The Postura Plus Chair is designed to promote good posture and provide exceptional comfort. Manufactured in the UK and fully BSEN 1729 compliant and FIRA-certified, these durable polypropylene chairs are strong, light, stain resistant, antistatic and easy to clean. 20...
from £26.93
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Affinity School Chairs
from £22.04 (Inc Vat)
Affinity School Chairs - blue
A smart, durable and great value stacking chair - with full range of seat heights to suit students of all ages.  What's more, the Affinity Chair is just as popular in cafes, canteens and breakout areas as it is in...
from £22.04
Reinspire GH20 Classroom Chair
from £21.72 (Inc Vat)
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Reinspire GH20 Classroom Chair - brown
A robust education polypropylene stacking chair available in a full range of heights to suit students of all ages. Stacks 5 high for easy storage. Key Features Sturdy one-piece polypropylene chair designed to withstand the toughest of educational environments. Width...
from £21.72
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Titan 4-Leg School Chairs
from £26.70 (Inc Vat)
  • + 8
Titan 4-Leg School Chairs - Black
Designed to support your students' comfort and posture, the Titan ergonomic classroom chairs will withstand use in even the most demanding educational environments. Featuring incredibly robust one-piece polypropylene seat shells, they are also available in a range of heights to...
from £26.70
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SE Classic Ergonomic Chair by Hille
from £32.24 (Inc Vat)
SE Classic Ergonomic Chair by Hille - Black
A beautifully designed, premium grade polypropylene chair with a focus on lower back support and durability. Manufactured in the UK by Hille, the SE Classic is available in six sizes and is a popular choice with schools and Academies. Key...
from £32.24
Series E School Chairs by Hille
from £21.50 (Inc Vat)
Series E School Chairs by Hille - Black
A classic and ever popular school chair that combines function, value and functionality.  Offered in a great 13 colour choice of shell and three frame colours, plus various heights to suit all age groups.  Manufactured here in the UK by...
from £21.50
Hille ErgoStak Poly Classroom Chair
from £27.74 (Inc Vat)
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Hille ErgoStak Poly Classroom Chair - flame
Introducing the ErgoStak Classroom Chair. An incredibly supportive, tough and maintenance-free classroom chair developed and manufactured by Hille in the UK. Comfortable, supportive and ergonomically designed one-piece plastic classroom chair Tough and durable being tested to both EN1729 and BEEN16139...
from £27.74
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Titan Chair
from £25.98 (Inc Vat)
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Titan Chair - Black
An ultra-strong, tamper-proof chair ideal for both the classroom, hall or any space where a robust, stackable chair is required.  Features anti-tilt legs and a continuous one-piece design ensuring there are no pinchpoints or sharp edges to cause injury. Dozens...
from £25.98
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