Home Office Furniture

Whether your have a dedicated home office or you have a work space set up in the guest room, bedroom, kitchen or living room, you can find the perfect home office furniture to get you through your 9 to 5 schedule at Mogo Direct. Ensuring that you have a sturdy desk, comfortable chair, and plenty of storage is essential when working from home, but so is creating a space and decorating the room in a way that makes it a pleasure to work in. 
Mogo Direct is here to inspire you with our large selection of affordable and high-quality office furniture. Below is our online catalogue guide and tips to help you get started.

Home office desks

A home office is incomplete without a spacious, sturdy desk. Your current home space, size, and layout will determine the size of your desk, and it's crucial to know the different types of home office desk designs that are available. Here at Mogo Directs, we have more options than just the regular rectangular desk, and some of them may suit you and your work set-up better. From standing desks that can keep you active and productive, we also offer design options like an extra storage desk, corner desk, foldable, and many more. When it comes to material, colour, size, price, and design, the options at Mogo Direct are endless.

Home office chairs

With your home office desk sorted, you can complete the look of your office design with one of our matching office chairs. You can buy a home office chair that can offer you plenty of back and posture support with many of our office chairs ergonomic features. Our leather office chairs are the perfect pick if you fancy giving your office a professional and luxurious vibe. Various chair styles in our range include mesh, fabric, and poly chairs so that you'll have plenty of options.

Home office storage

Now that your work from home furniture set up has been upgraded, it's a great time to add the finishing touches. By browsing through our pedestal and storage extensions, you can keep your workspace clutter-free. With the flexibility for extra cupboard and storage options, you can stash away work files and documents when not in use to inspire creativity and productivity.

Bundles and next day delivery

You can choose from our many popular home office furniture bundles and sets if you're looking to purchase or pair specific products at a great price value. If you're in a hurry to set up your home office space, most of our products offer next day delivery.

All of our home office furniture products are manufactured locally in the UK to the highest possible standard. From our cheapest to our most expensive products in stock, our products come with product warranties, so you can rest assured knowing that your home office furniture is built to last and that our guidance is there if you ever need it. If you need any help or want our team's advice for the best home office solutions, contact us today on 01442 736 384.

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