Aran Plastic Folding Chair
Aran Plastic Folding Chair - black
The Aran plastic folding chair is a great fit for a range of learning, working and community environments looking for a more contemporary look in a folding chair. Ideal for schools, community centres, churches, banquets, meeting spaces, conference rooms and...
Aran Work from Home Bundle - Folding Table & Chair - black
Key Features A ready-to-go bundle consisting of: 1 x New Zown Classic Folding Table 1220 x 600mm (4ft x 2ft) and 1 x Aran Folding Chair (in Black or Shark Grey) New Zown Classic Table is manufactured from 100% pure...
Deluxe Work from Home Mini Bundle - Folding Table & Chair - blue
Set up a functional, makeshift office, classroom or study area in no time at all with this ready-to-go folding table and chair bundle. The New Zown Classic Folding Table is as easy to put up as it is to store...
Smart Folding Plastic Chair - Black Shell Black Frame
Its unique design with sculpted seat and integral hand hold make the Smart Plastic Folding Chair a comfortable and practical choice for halls, dining, meeting spaces, events, schools and community centres. Equally suited to seating hundreds at large venues, as...
Comfort Deluxe Padded Folding Chair - blue
These upholstered and padded folding chairs feature extra deep seat pads and contoured padded backs, for longer lasting comfort. Smart silver frame. Key Features Extra deep padded seat and sculpted padded back for long-lasting comfort and support Fully seam-welded front and...
BigClassic Folding Chair
BigClassic Folding Chair - black
A larger and stronger model of the unbeatable Classic Folding Chair. Extra wide. Extra strong. Extra comfortable. Ideal for those looking for an especially strong and durable folding chair, including schools, community centres, churches, meeting spaces, conference centres and event...
Comfort Plus Folding Chair
Comfort Plus Folding Chair - charcoal
Featuring a comfortable padded seat and an attractive and supportive fan-back design, the Comfort Plus Folding Chair will help to create a smart look in any seating area. Popular with church halls, village halls, schools, leisure centres and any multipurpose...
Classic Plus Fan Back Folding Chair
Classic Plus Fan Back Folding Chair - blue
With its smart fan-back design, the Classic Plus folding chair provides added support and comfort compared to the Classic straight-back folding chair. Lightweight yet durable, the Classic Plus Event Folding Chair is designed for any multi-purpose space.  A popular choice...
Classic Straight Back Folding Chair
Classic Straight Back Folding Chair - blue
Lightweight yet durable, the Classic Straight Back Folding Chair is perfect for any multi-purpose space where value, versatility and storage are key.  A popular choice for school exams and assemblies, as well as Church halls, Community Centres and Leisure Centres. ...
Comfort Padded Folding Chair
Comfort Padded Folding Chair - blue
With an upholstered seat and back moulded from high density foam, you can expect comfort that lasts with these upholstered and padded folding chairs. Perfect for church halls, community centre gatherings, school events, conference centres and any multipurpose space where...
Mogo Comfort Plus Folding Chair - Padded Seat - Black Vinyl
The padded seat and moulded fan-back design back of our Comfort Plus Folding Chair provide comfortable support for your body, while the hard-wearing vinyl upholstery makes it easy to clean. Fold and store away on a Mogo chair trolley when...
Comfort Vinyl Folding Chair
The padded seat and back back of our Comfort Folding Chair provide comfortable support for your body, while the hard-wearing vinyl upholstery makes it easy to clean. Fold and store away on a Mogo chair trolley when not in use.  Key...
Prima Plus Folding Chair
Prima Plus Folding Chair - blue
Smart and strong, the Prima Plus Folding Chair has been designed with an integral handhold for easy handling and setting-up. Perfect for Schools, Community Centres, Leisure Centres, Churches and any multi-purpose space where a strong, low-maintenance chair is required. Key...
Oyster Folding Mesh Task Operator Chair - Black
Small space issues? This smart Oyster folding mesh chair can be folded quickly and easily away when your work is done.  The specially designed mesh back gives you comfort and optimum lumbar support. You can also adjust the height, so get...
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