Folding Tables

Whatever sector your business might operate in, everybody needs tables at some time. Here at Mogo Direct, we have an extensive collection of folding tables – enough to please any company’s furniture requirements.

Plastic folding tables

We have a range of plastic folding tables in various shapes and styles. These cost-effective table solutions remain a significant part of our business after all these years, and with good reason.

Wooden folding trestle tables

The wooden folding trestle table is an absolute classic. Instantly familiar from church halls, scout huts, and school fairs across the country, these traditional trestle tables remain a popular choice for their ease-of-use and their sturdiness.

Premium folding tables

Prepare to table your folding tables to the next level with our premium range. Combining a powder-coated frame and legs with an unmixed polyethylene tabletop, these tables are strong, resilient, and come with a ten-year guarantee.

Gopak folding tables

Gopak folding tables manage to be extremely lightweight (some as low as 7kg) as well as strong and robust. Being easily carried and set-up by a single person, they prove extremely popular in local social groups and educational establishments.

Centre-folding tables

Our centre-folding tables are the perfect solution when your tables are moved about a lot. Easy to fold down, these tables come equipped with a sturdy handle, making carrying them a simple task.

Flexi bundles

By investing in one or more of our flexi bundles, not only do get the same high quality of table but, but buying in bulk, you also make an incredible saving. The bigger the bundle, the better the deal.

With dozens of folding tables in stock, choosing the right one can take a little while. If you need any assistance in making that choice, simply give the team at Mogo Direct a call today.

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