Zown Blow Moulded Rectangular Plastic Fold-in-Half Table - 6ft x 2ft 6in (1830 x 760mm)
A fantastically strong, durable and versatile fold-in-half table that works well in all environments. Great value, incredibly versatile and looks the part too. 10 year guarantee. Key Features Rectangular, plastic fold-in-half table 6ft x 2ft 6in (1830 x 760mm) Top...
Basics by Mogo - 6ft x 2ft 6in Plastic Fold-in-Half Table (1800mm x 740mm)
A convenient, centre fold plastic folding table that's designed for both indoor or outdoor use. Ideal for buffets, marquees, parties, banquets, market stalls, fairs, events and weddings.  Built-in handle makes it easy to carry, transport and store.  A strong, practical...

High Quality Centre-Folding Tables

Our centre-folding tables are constructed from high-quality materials to a robust and hard-wearing design. This ensures that, even as a table designed for carrying by hand, it retains the same sturdiness and strength as the other tables in our catalogue. As tough and durable as it is, it remains a lightweight item of folding furniture – one that is easy for anybody to move from place to place with no assistance.

Easy to fold

While all our folding tables are designed to be easy to use, our centre-folding tables are even more so. Each pair of legs folds lengthwise into the table top, which then folds in half itself before being clasped shut at the top of the join. Nothing could be simpler, and full folding can be achieved by a single person in seconds.

Easy to carry

Once you have folded up your centre folding table, the whole thing can be lifted using the integral handle. Since the tables are lightweight, this makes moving them from one place to another as easy an action as possible. This makes our centre-folding tables particularly popular with field sales agents, especially those who are attending conferences and need a robust and reliable table surface that can be easily moved from site to site. That said, any environment can benefit from a well-constructed table that is so simple to carry.

Easy to store

Not only are these centre-folding tables easy to fold up and easy to carry, they are equally simple to store. As an all-in-one unit, with no protruding legs or edges, they can be stacked up against a wall with few problems, either vertically or horizontally, depending on the space you have available.

For more information regarding our range of centre-folding tables, call Mogo Direct today on 01442 736 3845.
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