Vantage 100 High Back Operator Chair
from £57.00
  • + 2
Vantage 100 High Back Operator Chair - Charcoal
The Vantage 100 fabric chair is a comfortable and affordable, no-nonsense, task office chair which is a highly versatile and suitable for a wide range of different tasks. Available from stock in 5 colours, the contoured seat, back height and back...
from £57.00
  • + 2
Chiro Medium Back Posture Operator Chair - Black
The Chiro ergonomic office chair provides you with the ultimate support and comfort you need for a long working day. UK chiropractor-approved, the Chiro range of office chairs is fully adjustable and can be adapted and fine-tuned to support each user perfectly.  ...
from £123.00
Java 200 Medium Back 2-Lever Operator Chairs
from £51.00
Java 200 Medium Back 2-Lever Operator Chairs - Black
Java 200 is a family of reliable operator and task chairs that pair premium features and a smart design with a not-so-premium price. Multiple adjustments can be made to encourage a better posture and sitting position while you work. The back rest...
from £51.00
Chiro Plus Fabric Posture Office Chair - Black
The Chiro Plus ergonomic office chair offers an impressive amount of adjustments to ensure you stay comfortable during a long working day.  UK chiropractor-approved, the Chiro range of office chairs is fully adjustable and can be adapted and fine-tuned to support each user...
from £439.00

A Range of Fabric Swivel Office Chairs

Considering it’s such a standard item of office furniture, there is surprising variety in our range of fabric swivel office chairs. You can choose from different colours of fabric upholstery, making sure you can find one that matches the rest of the furniture in your home office. You can also pick different methods of back support, with some seats sporting half-backs that support your weight at the shoulder-blades, and others that stretch down to the lower back, offering full lumbar support.

Easily Adjustable

Our fabric-backed home office chairs have all the benefits you’d expect from an office-ready seating solution. These include an adjustable seat and back, allowing you to position your home office chair for maximum comfort.

A Choice of Arm Solutions

We provide our fabric swivel office chairs with a number of options for your arms. You can choose from rigid and fixed arm rests, or ones that can be adjusted for height – whichever you prefer. Of course, you may prefer no arms at all, and that’s okay: we have you covered there too.

Available pre-assembled

While our fabric swivel office chairs are simple to put together, we understand that some of our customers have difficulty assembling furniture. For this reason, some of our office chairs can be ordered to arrive pre-assembled. They roll off our delivery truck and into your home ready for immediate use.

All our home office desk chairs are available to buy today from our online store. Alternatively, feel free to call Mogo Direct on 01442 736 3845 for more information. 
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