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Following Social Distancing Guidelines Without Feeling Isolated

Perspex divider panels enable colleagues to work side by side at a safe distance without compromising visibility and the ability to communicate. The see-through screen not only provides space division and buffer zones, but it retains an open environment within office settings. With these unprecedented times of many people living in self-isolation, the ability to work with people at the same place would reap positive effects on the employee’s mental health and team morale. 

Picking the Right Perspex Screen

Our Perspex office screens are available in multiple sizes, materials, and designs based on your workplace requirements and budget. Freestanding Perspex screens are more suited to office spaces with individual desk areas, whilst Perspex desk dividers are better for large tables for dividing shared spaces whilst maintaining visibility and openness. The clear panels allow natural light to pass through along with desktop visibility. The addition of desk dividers to a shared desk create individual workspaces and maintain enough space in between colleagues for social distancing.

Quick and Easy for Maintenance

Our Perspex office dividers are lightweight, allowing easy movement and transport for space reconfiguring. When office cleaning takes place, the Perspex screen can be stored and taken out quickly. Our screens and dividers are buildable within minutes, and the process of installation is simple, making sure that they’re up and ready on time. For maintenance and cleaning, the panels are easy to wipe and disinfect to prevent any spread of germs.

Our selection of office screens is available from our online store. If you require any assistance or help with your order, contact Mogo Direct on 01442 736 384 for more information.
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