Moveable Office Partitions


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Added wheels for ease of use, transition and storage

When significant work events take place at companies, large work areas and spaces would need to be reconfigured and changed on time. From casual occasions like a surprise party for a hardworking employee, or a more formal work event such as company collaboration meets and board meetings, our moveable office partitions will make sure that the whole process of space re-designing and changing is smooth, fast and hassle-free. The transition process takes up a lot of time and physical work, with a moveable office screen, a lot of time and physical labour will not be necessary. 

Locked wheels and foldable panels

Once you have decided a spot for your office partition, lock the wheels in place for better stability and foothold. This lockable feature prevents accidental fall damage and company damage in office spaces. When the product is not in use, the wheels allow you to move the partition around so that setting up or storing your partition is only a push away. The additional foldable feature can retract the screen in a compact size giving you extra wiggle space in storage rooms. 

Mogo Direct offers the moveable office partition range in different colours, sizes, and materials to fit your company needs and requirements. Picking the right product is essential for companies with a specific budget, so if you require assistance or more information with our office partition range, get in touch by calling us on 01442 736 384. Our staff at Mogo Direct are well informed of our products to ensure that you make the most with your online shopping experience. Make sure to browse our online catalogue today!
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