Café Tables

When it comes to high-quality café tables, nobody offers greater choice that the team at Mogo Direct. As you can see, we have dozens of tables available for immediate purchase, direct from our online store. Whatever your preference in terms of style, shape, or materials, you’re sure to find the perfect tables to suit your place of business.

High quality café tables

All bistro, café, coffee shop & canteen tables from Mogo Direct are produced to meet our own impeccable standards. We insist that any tables leaving our storeroom are robust and hard-wearing enough to withstand years of use. They don’t just look good, they are build to last using the highest quality materials.

Your choice of styles

At Mogo Direct, we know that every coffee shop, cafe, and bistro has its own unique style. This is why we offer tables to match whatever aesthetic your business already has. You can choose from a variety of shapes, materials, and designs to get the perfect set of tables to meet your specific needs.

Indoor or outdoor tables

Adding an al fresco dining area to your eating establishment is often a sound business decision. You can serve more customers at any given time, it establishes a de facto smoking area without affecting your other guests, and offers greater choice to diners wishing to eat out of doors. Getting the right bistro, café, coffee shop & canteen furniture is essential, of course. At Mogo Direct, many of our tables are designed specifically for outdoor use.

A winning combination

To complement our range of bistro, café, coffee shop & canteen tables, why not check out our impressive selection of cafe chairs? Like our tables, they are built to the highest possible standards, ensuring a comfortable seating experience for you customers every time. Whether you want a matching set to compliment your tables, or want to try a more eclectic approach by mixing and matching, our online store is the best place to start.

All our bistro, café, coffee shop & canteen tables are available to buy today from our online store. Alternatively, feel free to call Mogo Direct on 01442 736 384 for more information. 
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