Meeting Tables

Discover meeting tables to suit the task in hand and the available space. Whether it's a compact tilt top table for a small office space, or a number of flexible folding or stacking meeting tables for a hall or multipurpose room, you'll find the perfect meeting table here.

Meetings form an essential part of corporate life in the UK, with studies suggesting that middle management spend more than a third of their working week around a conference table, while upper management can spend almost half their time doing the same. With our boardroom tables playing such a key role in our businesses, it makes sense to invest in ones that are up to the job – like the fantastic range of folding office tables and folding conference room tables currently available from Mogo Direct.

Like all of the furniture in our online store, boardroom tables and conference tables benefit from fast delivery across the UK so, however remotely your office might be situated, you can be sure of the finest products in the shortest possible time.

Tables for the boardroom

The royalty of executive furniture, our boardroom tables are designed with opulence and gravitas in mind. Built to sturdy designs, with solid bases and crisp finishes, our range of boardroom furniture tells any visitor that your business means… well… business.

Tables for conferences

Conference tables are generally smaller and more lightweight, making them easier to move into position when needed. Likewise, they tend to be easily stacked and stored in order to get them out of the way again when the conference is over. We have a number of fixed leg designs, as well as ones on wheels, and ones with flip-tops – whichever suits you best.

Modular tables

Opinion is divided on the most effective table layout for the average meeting room, and doubtless your company has its own ideas about what works best for it. Some favour a horseshoe configuration, others a circle, while others prefer the traditional rectangular set-up. Whatever your preference, our modular tables mean you can arrange your meeting room your own way.

Folding conference room tables

We have a number of folding office tables suitable for conference use. Built along the same robust lines as the rest of our table ranges, these pieces of furniture can be folded up quickly and easily to provide essential office space when not in use.

Here to help you

If your meeting room is the heart of your office environment, show it a little love by updating its furnishings with this range of tables from Mogo Direct. For more information, get in touch with us today.

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