Office Chairs

At Mogo Direct, we have a range of office chairs and computer chairs available in our online store. Each model offers a combination of comfort and functionality to any office environment.

Built for comfort

Our extensive selection of office chairs is designed with comfort in mind. We understand your staff will be spending the bulk of their working day sat down. For the good of their short-term comfort and their long-term health, our chairs are ergonomically designed to offer maximum support. Many of our models incorporate different options for the chair’s arms, as well as height adjustment mechanisms. These allow even greater flexibility for their users, permitting them to tailor their seating experience to their best advantage.

A choice of styles

Whether you prefer a traditional, straight-legged office chair, or a more portable wheeled computer chair, we have something for you in our online store. These include straight-backed banqueting chairs that can serve double duty as functional office chairs. These models, like our stackable computer chairs, are less flexible than our wheeled models, but can be more easily moved and put into storage, should the need arise.

A selection of materials

In addition to different styles, we also have a range of materials on offer, depending on your preference. From sumptuously upholstered fabric computer chairs, to sleek and stylish leather office chairs we have something to suit any office. We also have plastic stackable chairs and modern, mesh-backed chairs that offer excellent back support.

24-hour office chairs

As previously mentioned, all our chairs have been designed with your comfort foremost in mind. That said, our range of 24-hour office chairs takes things to the next level. They have been specifically created to accommodate constant use, boasting a range of ergonomic options for the user’s benefit. This allows for round-the-clock comfort, making them the ideal computer chairs for call centres, hospitals, and other workplaces that require 24-hour support.
All our office chairs and computer chairs are available to buy today from our online store. Alternatively, feel free to call Mogo Direct on 01442 736 384 for more information.
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