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Folding Chairs Test Collection

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Top Level Collection

Cafe Furniture Collection

A growing collection of café furniture, carefully curated for the hospitality sector with comfortability, versatility and aesthetic in mind. Whatever your style, whatever your space, you've come to the right place! Retro, vintage, traditional, modern, contemporary, chic, monochrome or the...

Top Level Collection

Folding Chairs Collection

Folding Chairs

Folding chairs are indispensable and versatile pieces of furniture, popular for use in meeting rooms and conference centres, church halls and village fetes, community centres and Scout groups, school assemblies and exams, and the home. When...

Top Level Collection

Church and Community Furniture

A great range of smart and flexible church furniture that will help you to make the best use of your community space. From comfortable church chairs and lightweight folding tables to portable staging, storage solutions and screens, this extensive range...
Hatton One Piece Plastic Chair
A strong, comfortable and elegant stacking chair with built-in UV protection. The backrest features an integrated grab handle to make the chair easy to move around and quick to reconfigure a space.  Ideal for cafes, dining areas, meeting areas and libraries. 5...
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Zown Height Adjustable Rectangular Folding Table - 6ft x 2ft 6 (1830mm x 760mm)
A fantastically strong and versatile folding table that adjusts to four different height settings. Perfect for use as a worktop, workbench, height adjustable work surface or desk, shop displays, fairs, crafts, buffets and more.  Key Features A versatile height adjustable...
Zown Rectangle Plastic Folding Table - 6ft x 2ft 6in (1830 x 760mm) - XL180
A fantastically strong, durable and versatile plastic folding table.  Perfect for schools, churches, community centres, halls, hotels, banqueting halls, wedding venues, catering, parties and the home. Incredible weight-bearing capacity; new and smooth locking mechanism. Speedy delivery. 10 year guarantee. Order...
Comfort Deluxe Padded Folding Chair
These upholstered and padded folding chairs feature extra deep seat pads and contoured padded backs, for longer lasting comfort. Smart silver frame. Key Features Extra deep padded seat and sculpted padded back for long-lasting comfort and support Fully seam-welded front and...
Premium Rectangular Folding Table - 4ft x 2ft6 (1220mm x 760mm)
Our Premium Folding Tables are supremely HEAVY DUTY and VERSATILE.  The collection has been specifically developed to meet the needs of the professional sector, especially those that need furniture that is: lightweight and shockproof, robust and heavy-duty, hard-wearing and low...
Rectangular Wooden Folding Trestle Table - 5ft x 2ft 6in (1530mm x 760mm)
Ideal for a variety of venues, from wedding venues to conference centres, from community fairs to school events, from catering venues to hotels, from stately homes to function rooms, wooden folding trestle tables are cost-effective, strong and durable. Speedy delivery....
Zown Square Folding Table - 3ft x 3ft (910 x 910mm) - XXL90
A fantastically strong, durable and versatile square plastic folding table.  Perfect for schools, churches, community centres, halls, hotels, banquets, parties, home office set ups and additional dining space in the home. Incredible weight-bearing capacity & smooth locking mechanism. Key Features...
Zown Rectangle Plastic Folding Table - 4ft x 2ft (1220 x 600mm) - L120
A fantastically strong, durable and versatile plastic folding table.  Perfect for schools, churches, community centres, halls, hotels, banqueting halls, catering, parties and work from home setups. Featuring an incredible weight bearing capacity, a new and smooth locking mechanism and an...
Mogo 40 Folding Chair Trolley
A neat and convenient flat-bed trolley designed for storage of the Classic and Classic Plus folding chairs. Key Features This handy storage trolley will comfortably hold up to 40 Classic or Classic Plus folding chairs only Easy to control and manage...

Top Level Collection

Event Furniture

Hospitality and Event Furniture

An essential range of event and banqueting furniture, our hospitality section includes wooden trestle tables, plastic folding tables and Mogo premium folding tables, all of which are favourites with hotels, restaurants,...

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