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Aluminium Café Chairs

Lightweight and easy to maintain, our range of aluminium cafe chairs are manufactured from high quality aluminium.  Easy to place into a wide range of public and private scenarios, whether in a café, restaurant, terrace, garden or balcony, aluminium chairs remain ideal for any outdoor space. Shop online today.

Aluminium cafe chairs don’t just look great, they are extremely practical too. They are lightweight and low maintenance, making them the perfect choice for any outdoor dining area. They are also durable and hard-wearing, more than capable of withstanding the rigours of any cafe, coffee shop, bar, or restaurant. With a wide range of models available in our online store, look no further than Mogo Direct for all your aluminium cafe chair needs.

A range of styles and designs

You may think of aluminium chairs as being shiny, metal seating solutions with a bright chrome finish. While this might have been true at one time, these days there are so many more options. Many of our models incorporate coloured coatings to give the chair a more unique look. We have some with a wicker effect and some with a wooden effect – both so convincing, you don’t realise until you lift them up and feel the weight.

Lightweight cafe seating

Speaking of weight, few materials combine lightness with strength like aluminium does. Any of our aluminium cafe chairs are incredibly light to pick up, making them easy to move about, stack on tables, and put into storage. However, they are still constructed from sturdy and robust metal, skilfully engineered to support the weight of your guests in comfort.

Low maintenance seating

Aluminium is easy to clean, with a wet cloth often being enough to do the job. Our chairs are coated with a plastic polymer that makes them water and splash resistant. This makes them the perfect choice for a busy cafe or a beer garden, where spills are not only likely, but need to be attended to quickly.

A versatile seating solution

Being waterproof seats, our aluminium chairs are ideal for indoor venues and outdoor dining areas. If your cafe, coffee shop, or restaurant offers al fresco dining options for your guests, aluminium is the perfect material for long-lasting and seating solutions.

All our aluminium cafe chairs are available to buy today from our online store. Alternatively, feel free to call Mogo Direct on 01442 736 384 for more information.