Choosing the Right Folding Chairs for your Venue

Choosing the Right Folding Chairs for your Venue

When it comes to event planning and arrangement, whether it's for a corporate conferences, formal parties, weddings, casual birthday parties, or any other occasion, your choice of folding chairs is essential.

For example, attendees at a formal work conference will remain seated for more extended periods, so a foldable chair with extra comfort and padding is a necessity. On the other hand, your guests at an informal outdoor gathering will constantly be on the move around the venue, so a wooden folding chair with weather-resistant features is an excellent choice for the setting.

Our selection of folding chairs at Mogo Direct offers the best options for any event, with plenty of variety of frame materials, colours, styles, and features. Read on for our tips and product recommendations below.

Indoor or outdoors venues?

Whether your event is set to take place indoors, outdoors, or both, it is crucial to match your chairs with the surroundings and theme of the area. For example, a rural wedding located in a quaint village hall would make excellent use of the Julietta Rustic Wooden Folding Chair. The distressed oak finish can effortlessly complement the atmosphere of any outdoor setting, whether you're hosting a small barbeque gathering, furnishing a large marquee, or any other event.

If your venue is set indoors, then for memorable fine dining experiences, it's worth considering our New Zown Classic Folding Table. This product option is ideal for hospitality venues and restaurants, with many of our customers pairing the table with the classic Aran Folding chair. With its contemporary style and extreme versatility, the combination of both products is interchangeable between indoor and outdoor use, making it perfect for venues that utilise both.

Size and space capacity of the venue

Considering how much space is available at your venue is necessary. Will there be enough seating capacity to have every guest seated on your preferred style of folding chair? The Big classic folding chair is a solid choice when space is at a premium. It's easy to store when not in use, and it's a highly durable chair that can withstand hours of use making it suitable for school halls, modern venues, or hallway seating.

Venues that require chair comfort

Many Churches and community centres favour comfortable padded folding chairs like the Comfort Deluxe or Comfort Padded Folding Chairs to ensure that attendees are relaxed throughout the entirety of the event. Whether it's a church service, coffee morning, training course, after school club, or support group, you can rest assured that everyone will remain comfortable.

If you need folding chairs or any other venue furniture, then look no further than Mogo Direct. We stock many ranges and furniture styles, available for individual purchase or bulk buying. For any product enquiries, call us today on 01442 736 384 or purchase online for fast UK delivery. 

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