• Flexible Furniture for your Festive Events

    Flexible Furniture for your Festive Events
    Whether you’re inviting the whole family over for Christmas dinner, or arranging a corporate event or party, the odds are good that you’re going to need more seating if you’re going to accommodate everybody comfortably.You’ve come to the right place.At Mogo Direct, we have an extensive range of folding tables and folding chairs that are not only ideal for providing much needed sitting and...
  • Revisited: The Barnsley Metrodome Leisure Complex

    Revisited: The Barnsley Metrodome Leisure Complex
    PRODUCTS might be our passion but PEOPLE are the jewel in our crown. Admittedly we LOVE what we do and we’re extremely proud of our range of smart, flexible furniture. But. At the heart of all we do, customer satisfaction is our truest measure of success and we are only as happy as our customers. So it is that our proudest achievements are actually...
  • Stacking Church Chairs 101

    Stacking Church Chairs 101
     The church is the heart of any local community. From the services held there to coffee mornings, parish meetings, and various social groups held within its walls or those of its parish centre, the church provides an essential lifeline to many people of all ages in the local area.With so much going on in churches and church halls around the country, it’s important...
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