Stacking Church Chairs 101

Stacking Church Chairs 101

The church is the heart of any local community. From the services held there to coffee mornings, parish meetings, and various social groups held within its walls or those of its parish centre, the church provides an essential lifeline to many people of all ages in the local area.

With so much going on in churches and church halls around the country, it’s important that your parishioners and other visitors are able to seat themselves in comfort while getting involved in church activities.

Here are some of the more popular stacking church chairs from our extensive range:

The Coronet

Our Coronet stacking chairs have proven popular time and again in churches across the country. Solidly built and available in a variety of upholstery colours, the Coronet chairs stack into neat piles of ten for easy storage when not in use.

The Urban

Our Urban padded chairs are the very definition of robust. Generously proportioned with a welded steel frame, they are smart and reliable chairs that will last a lifetime in any church environment.

The Jasper

Our range of Jasper chairs offer a more contemporary look to any church. Available with plastic or padded seats, Jasper chairs are perfect for Sunday schools and kids clubs, as well as church halls. These contemporary plastic chairs can be stacked high when not in use, and easily pushed out of the way on their specially designed trolleys. They are also available with writing tablets.

The Starlite

The Starlite comes in two distinct models: the Starlite 50 and the Starlite 75. Both are lightweight, sturdy, and reliable, and can swiftly and easily be clipped together to form static rows of seating for performances in a church hall or parish centre. The difference is largely one of design, with the Starlite 50 having a more tapered appearance.

All of the stacking church chairs listed above are available to order online from the Mogo Direct website. With discounts available on bulk purchases and fast delivery times promise across the UK, there’s no better time to get in touch and order the stacking church chairs that best suit you.

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